Step 1: Rattle the gates of Hell

Get the four official practice tests from the College Board Website (new tab).

Step 2: Defeat SATAN

Official SAT Practice Test 1: 52 Reading Questions with CrushTheTest Techniques (new tab)

It's right here: all 5 passages and all 52 questions from the first test. With CrushTheTest weaponry a click away for every passage, every question, and every answer choice, SATAN's nastiest tricks will be child's play. Do this first test with CrushTheTest at your side, then watch yourself ace the next 3 tests.

Official SAT Practice Tests 1-2: Ten Hardest Math Questions with Hints and Solutions (new tab)

First, do the ten meanest questions from the first two practice tests. See how CrushTheTest does them. Then do the 35 suggested similar (even harder) CrushTheTest questions from the book (free download, below). SATAN will never get you again!

Step 3: Be the Komodo

348-page pdf (22.5 MB zip file): CrushTheTest SAT Math Prep: Hard Questions for 700+.

There are 3 kinds of CrushTheTest questions — hard, harder, and hardest. With 378 questions in 21 sections plus solutions plus SATAN's history, you'll be more than ready for SATAN's worst. Click to download (automatic but might be slow due to the size of the file).