Amazing Success Story: Parent Perspective

Matt Kohler worked with our daughter from 2009 through 2013. She was a good student and with Matt’s help became an outstanding one. Together they conquered the IB and AP curriculums including IB Chem 1, IB Elem Func, AP Calc, IB Chem II, and Adv Physics. Thanks to Matt, our daughter’s grades improved throughout her high school career. She applied to the College of William and Mary, University of Virginia, University of Richmond, Elon University and the University of Denver. She was accepted to all of these universities. We are proud to say she received a full tuition scholarship to the University of Richmond which she is now attending.

Watched a Whole Family Grow Up: Parent Perspective

I honestly cannot overstate how terrific you have been for my kids! My three children have worked with Matt over the course of the past 6 years, both for SAT/ACT prep as well as tutoring in math and science course work.  The unusual (and wonderful) thing about Matt is his ability to enthusiastically teach a very broad range (and complexity level) of subject matters. It is also really easy to work with Matt because he is very flexible and actually cares how the kids are doing in math and science. I wasn’t sure how online tutoring would work but it has been very convenient and worked really well.

Brilliant Student, Needed Math Out of the Way: Parent Perspective

Matthew Kohler is an excellent tutor and a kind, caring person. Matt worked with my daughter, Kiannah, for 4 years (9th-12th grades). She, my husband, and I cannot imagine what her journey with math would have been like without him. He was able to connect with Kiannah in a way that allowed her to open her mind to the topic of math. Prior to her work with Matt, she despised all things mathematical. She would become teary-eyed at the mere thought of doing her math homework and was saddened, frustrated, disappointed, and highly discouraged every day after math class. One hour, once a week with Matt and all was cleared up from the week. This is amazing to me, still.~Kathleen Sepeda, Boulder, Colorado

Amazing Success Story: Student Perspective

I worked with Matt throughout high school, mainly on calculus, chemistry and physics. Because of his help in math, science and with the SAT, I was accepted into all of my top choice colleges and was awarded a full academic scholarship. He helped me to prepare for multiple IB and AP math and science exams, which fulfilled all of my math and science general education requirements for college. He was able to break down any math problem into simple easy to understand steps. I would have never been able to get an A in physics, let alone pass the class, without Matt!

Brilliant Student, Needed Math Out of the Way: Student Perspective

Working with Matthew Kohler made the difference between me believing that I was utterly, irrevocably inept at math and being able to open my mind and try to give it my best. I never felt lost, bored, or disheartened (as I often did in class) when working with him. He is a master at explaining things in a manner that is tailored to the person he is tutoring, which meant I could ask my questions and get answers that got at the heart of my confusion without feeling embarrassed or misunderstood. Not only did he understand where I was at as a student, but I felt that he cared about me and my other interests and skills.