Dr. Matthew Kohler is a former college professor with a Ph.D. in physics and 20+ years of teaching experience. He's been tutoring full time for ten years and loves it. He's also a writer and researcher and SAT expert. Matt takes 10 - 20 students per semester and gives them his full attention not only during sessions but between sessions as well.

Matt was born in Brooklyn, NY and attended Wesleyan University (CT) where he majored in physics. He received his Ph.D. in particle physics (aka "atom smashing") from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Matt taught physics at Hofstra (NY) and at Bridgewater State College (MA) for several years before returning to Colorado in 2001 and founding his tutoring service.


As a professor, Matt developed a student-centered teaching approach, allowing the class's level of understanding to determine how the material would be covered. Matt's teaching style is perfect for tutoring. As a tutor, it is crucial to allow the student's level of understanding, needs, strengths, weaknesses, interests, style, and preferences to guide the interaction and inform the learning process.

Matt has tutored hundreds of students over a ten year period and one thing is certain: good tutoring builds confidence, saves time, and raises grades.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Matt discovered perfection attending graduate school in Boulder, Colorado: perfect weather, the sweetest pedestrian mall on the planet, and lots of healthy people hiking with their well-behaved dogs. Then came Boston which had Walden Pond, brilliance, snobbery, and unbelievable truffles all wrapped up in one neat package. Back in Colorado, Matt found a room with an amazing view at 9000 feet elevation in Golden where the aspens (see picture below) really are the color of the city. Onward he went to the weeping mountains of Juneau, Alaska where the air is intoxicatingly sweet and where Matt's discovery of online tutoring was almost as earth-shattering as the discovery, more than a century before, of gold nuggets just lying there on the ground.

Traveling from what is surely the raven capital of the world, Matt and his wife, Kendra Schpok, finally landed in the middle of the impossibly bucolic vistas west of Middlebury, Vermont where they intend to stay put for a while. These days, when Matt isn't tutoring or immersed in one of many quixotic quests for knowledge and understanding, he may be found swimming in his beloved Lake Champlain.